Currently, a number of symVentures are at the early incubation stage.
They will be announced later. 

If you would like to propose a symVenture you can do it here.

SymVentures : what are they ? 


The SymThinkTank is the place where ideas are developed to realise the SymSystem. The latter aims at developing innovative proposals to change society for the better, based on a more collaborative paradigm and a more global conscience.

The SymThinkTank is also the place where projects are born to achieve such vision : by developing and publishing ideas through so-call SymEssays or by supporting other SymVentures – such as SymUniversity, SymFederation or SymProduction.

SymProduction is a venture to develop new ways to communicate ideas. It will search for innovative communication strategies, mainly multi-channelled, including for example videos, articles, books, games and social media content.

SymProduction’s goal is to provide the tools needed to engage citizens as stakeholders in societal innovation: by creating interest, educating and raising awareness through new ways of communication.



The SymUniversity would be a virtual academy which would offer knowledge and training by making the most out of innovation, collaboration, education and solidarity. It would include both new training approaches and contents.

One of the SymUniveristy’s distinctive aspect would be the software provided by SymPlace: a collaborative social networking place. Special focus will be given to collaborative education, development of habits and teaching the teachers.

The SymUniversity will be an open place of sharing knowledge and competences, where everyone could be both a teacher and a student.

SymPlace is a venture that will develop and commercialise technical tools and software-as-a-service applications to strengthen collaborative effectiveness as well as collective intelligence. Therefore, SymPlace will advance solutions to any group finding difficult working together. It could help a large range of organisations: from more efficient companies to more collaborative democracies.



The MICADO ThinkTank aims at solving security issues by a relationship of mutual trust between citizens and institutions. It represents a shift from the current mindset of mistrust by sharing information willingly, according to rules set up to ensure cooperation and respect of privacy.

The SymVenture MICADO, which means Mutual trust between Institutions and Citizens Applying Digital ledgers for an Open world, will develop ideas – including technical innovations such as blockchains – to achieve this new cooperation paradigm.

The SymFederation is the organisation which will manage concrete implementations of the SymSystem. In other words, it will aim for a society more cooperative and trustful through two main roles: supervising SymHostels and steering SymVolunteers.

The SymFederation will support and monitor SymHostels which are places hosting people -mostly SymVolunteers- willing to live together a greater day-to-day solidarity and providing useful services to society. It unites SymVolunteers -SymHostels’ inhabitants enjoying all material necessities but stepping out of the market economy towards a paradigm of cooperation and service- under a common administrative structure.



The SOURCE Virtual Centre of Excellence brings together stakeholders linked to security issues. It enables an efficient dialogue between them, to find the appropriate responses to our contemporary challenges thanks to connecting into one network different actors – from field agents to ethicists. Long term, the SOURCE project will bring some precious understanding of societal security.